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HelpDesk+ creates a two-way enterprise class integration between Slack and Jira Service Desk.

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Works with Jira Cloud, Data Center, and Server.

atSpoke alternative

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Create requests from Slack messages
Capture Slack messages to create requests for your team
Quick-Create requests with Emoji
Add Emoji to messages to quickly create pre-defined request types.
Automated Self-Help
Automatically help users with connections to support documentation to auto-resolve issues.
Synchronize Slack and Jira
Update issues from Slack or Service Desk with automatic synchronization of all messages, status updates, and more.
Share files Slack ↔ Jira
Add files to Slack and see them in Jira. Update from Jira and get notified in Slack.
Automatic Setup for Slack
Automatically synchronize requests types from Jira Service Desk to Slack without additional configuration.
Approval workflows
Let users approve requests in Slack when their approval is needed.
Agent Notifications & Actions
Alert agents in Slack when requests are created and update the request right from Slack.
Request Feedback
Ask users to rate their support in Slack and route feedback to Jira Service Desk.

Auto-sync updates Slack ↔ Jira

Save your team on switching and improve user satisfaction with the support process by providing Slack first support and request updates.

Keep your existing back-end process for support teams by allowing agents to make updates wherever they want.

HelpDesk+ automatically keeps everyone on the same page.

View Request History

Keep your request types
and skip re-mapping

With HelpDesk+ all of your request types from the service desks you choose are visible within Slack.

Users can easily create requests with the additional details you need to provide world-class support.

No mapping of existing request types to Slack is needed with HelpDesk+

Create Jira Service Desk request with emoji

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