HelpDesk+ vs.
Jira Service Desk Portal

HelpDesk+ gives users Slack first support to stop the copy-paste and delight customers.

See what's different to understand why thousands of teams with Jira Service Desk are utilizing HelpDesk+

Works with Jira Cloud, Data Center, and Server.

atSpoke alternative

Stop losing track of requests from Slack

Create requests from
Slack messages

Convert messages in your support channels or DMs and create issues to track resolution.

With HelpDesk+, Slack is the only interface needed for user support which delights your team and simplifies your process.

Create support requests from Slack with message action

Use Emoji to create
Requests in a click

Map your frequently used request types to emoji in Slack to create a service request in a single click.

No more navigating to portals or checking endless emails.

Create Jira Service Desk request with emoji

Keep everything in sync automatically

Auto-sync updates Slack ↔ Jira

Save your team on switching and improve user satisfaction with the support process by providing Slack first support and request updates.

Keep your existing back-end process for support teams by allowing agents to make updates wherever they want.

HelpDesk+ automatically keeps everyone on the same page.

View Request History

Keep your request types
and skip re-mapping

With HelpDesk+ all of your request types from the service desks you choose are visible within Slack.

Users can easily create requests with the additional details you need to provide world-class support.

No mapping of existing request types to Slack is needed with HelpDesk+

Create Jira Service Desk request with emoji

Resolve issues immediately with self-help

Auto resolve common issues

Quickly resolve common requests with automatic suggestions from existing knowledge and help docs.

HelpDesk+ suggests Confluence articles to users in Slack in real time and makes it easy to instantly resolve issues.

Confluence knowledgebase suggestions

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