Slack ↔ Jira

Save your team on switching and improve user satisfaction with the support process by providing Slack first support and request updates.

Keep your existing back-end process for support teams by allowing agents to make updates wherever they want.

Automatically Sync Slack and Jira

Slack discussion with automatic sync

Real-time Support

Employees and agents discuss requests in Slack threads to quickly gather additional information and get requests resolved and everything that happens is automatically copied to Jira or Jira Service Desk.

When the request is satisfied the ticket is updated with a simple button click to prevent the need to switch context and login to another system.

Real time request synchronization

How it works

  • The employee contacts your team in your messaging platform.
  • The team communicates to gather further information and resolve the issue.
  • Activity is synchronized automatically to your back-end system.
  • Outcomes are improved and metric accuracy increases.

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