Create requests
from messages

Convert messages in your support channels or DMs and create issues to track resolution.

With HelpDesk+, Slack is the only interface needed for user support which delights your team and simplifies your process.

Create requests from lack messages

Meet users where they’re already working

Get support from anywhere

Getting the help you need has never been easier than clicking a button in Slack. No context-switching, no prompts to log in, and for their IT teams, no extra maintenance burden.

Choose Create support request to instantly a get the help you need from anywhere within Slack.

Create support requests with emoji Slack screenshot

How it works

  • An employee needs help from IT, Security, HR, Facilities, or other teams.
  • The employee contacts your team in your messaging platform.
  • The message is used to create a support request with a simple click.
  • Activity is synchronized automatically to your back-end system.

Auto-sync updates Slack ↔ Jira

Save your team on switching and improve user satisfaction with the support process by providing Slack first support and request updates.

Keep your existing back-end process for support teams by allowing agents to make updates wherever they want.

HelpDesk+ automatically keeps everyone on the same page.

Auto-sync Slack and Jira

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