Change Management

Manage changes to infrastructure and services from Slack to minimize risk and speed up delivery.

Route change approvals configured in JSD within Slack to satisfy change-advisory-board (CAB) procedures with less pain.

Works with Jira Cloud, Data Center, and Server.

Optimize change management in Slack

Simplify your approvals and speed delivery

Route approval workflows in Slack

Let users know in Slack when changes require their approval and allow easy approvals right from Slack.

Keep your existing back-end process but increase throughput and awareness by preventing approval bottlenecks.

HelpDesk+ automatically keeps everyone on the same page.

Auto-sync Slack and Jira

Resolve issues immediately with self-help

Auto resolve common issues

Quickly resolve common requests with automatic suggestions from existing knowledge and help docs.

HelpDesk+ suggests Confluence articles to users in Slack in real time and makes it easy to instantly resolve issues.

Confluence knowledgebase suggestions


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